Who Are We?

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Youth Adolescent Mental Health Support (YAMHS) is a non-for-profit organisation running in the Greater Western  Sydney regions with the hopes of expanding over the next few years. Our target demographic is primarily 'Youth & Adolescents' which is defined as between the age groups of 12-25 (not exclusively though). Our secondary targets are the families and carers of the youth. These people generally are lacking the economical, social, and emotional means of being able to support themselves or their loved ones. Really our ultimate goal is to be able to provide support to all levels of the community impacted

by youth mental illness and suicide, through raising awareness of mental illness and the impact it has on community, the facilitation of connecting services, and direct financial and emotional support. We do this to lessen the pain and suffering for those experiencing mental illness and for those who love and support them. The YAMHS is a Special Branch Club of the Ingleburn Lions Club NSW, supported by and operating within the Lions International patronage.

Lets reduce the stigma together 

-The YAMHS team